Synteko Remover Heavy Duty Concentrate – 1L

Synteko Remover Heavy Duty Concentrate – 1L

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Synteko Remover is designed to be used for effective maintenance of timber floors. This is a basic detergent which very efficiently removes dirt, soil and old coats of polish such as Synteko Newshine 1696.

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Synteko Remover must be used to clean the floor prior to recoating  and abrading the floor surface to minimize rejection of a surface coating. For general maintenance, such as recoating with any Synteko floor finishes or treatment with Synteko  Newshine 1696, wash the floor with Synteko Remover.  Synteko Remover should also be used prior to the application of the maintenance oil for penetrating oils. Periodic use on Synteko penetrating oil floors (such as Hardwax/Natural and Domo oils) and prior to applying Recover Oil, especially if the surface is soiled.

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