Synteko Soap Concentrate – 1L

Synteko Soap Concentrate – 1L

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Suitable to be used after treatment of timber/hardwood floors with Synteko Hardwax, Natural and Domo penetrating oil.

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Synteko Soap is to be used for the cleaning and maintenance of natural penetrating oiled wood floors. It functions as a moisturiser for the penetrating oiled timber floors such as Synteko Hardwax/Natural/Domo oils. The Synteko Soap is diluted with warm water (1:20) and mopped onto the floor with a dry damp mop, weekly. It is also possible to use this product  on pre-finished oak oiled floors as well as, sparingly, on ceramic or natural stone tiled floors. The natural oils in the Soap help maintain the oiled floor finish.

Also available in a 5L container.

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