Water Based Finish Guide

Synteko manufacture a range of eco-friendly floor cleaning and maintenance products for all types of floor finishes.  Floor coatings such as water and solvent based polyurethane, Synteko Classic, tung oil and oil-modified site treated floors, factory pre-finished and laminated residential and commercial/sports floors, as well as cabinets, furniture, railings, counters and woodwork need to be treated with Synteko Superclean.

  1. Synteko Superclean is formulated to clean polished timber floors effectively, without leaving any soapy haze or residue on the floor. Synteko Superclean has a unique environmentally friendly detergent formula which cleans effectively without rinsing. Light, fresh scented Synteko Superclean leaves only the beauty of fine wood, not a lingering odour and never a residue. Additional products for maintenance and rejuvenation and touch up are:
  2. Synteko Newshine: This product will refresh the floor surface; hide minor scratches in addition to leaving a sacrificial protective coat. Especially suitable in high traffic areas.
  3. Synteko Remover: A heavy duty cleaner efficiently removing grease and dirt and prepares the surface for additional maintenance treatment if required.
  4. Glitsa aerosol spray satin or Glitsa aerosol spray matt: Ideal touch-up product for small areas with light scratches and rejuvenate small worn areas. Only to be used on Synteko Classic and solvent based polyurethane finishes.

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